Sunday, March 30, 2014

happy trails

The week had us spiffing up the laundry room. Whew, excitement! Mainly some cleaning, cabinet clearing out and organizing, and painting the walls. I want to take out the existing counter tile and John seems to be warming up to the idea. Once we do that, we can check this sucker off the list.

John's last day at work is tomorrow. I'm very proud of him...not that many people stick with a career they are good at and like and can retire from with a pension these days. We're fortunate to be "young" retirees. Although, it must be said, I'm still having some adjustment anxieties. Mostly feel pretty dang excited at the possibilities we're exploring for the future.

This is an image I made recently that I feel good about. I don't think anyone else would have captured it this way. It represents my (ever evolving) artistic vision. We're going to embark on a road trip to Arizona in a few days. Got a circular polarizer filter for my great landscape lens & wondering if I'll be lucky in terms of witnessing some of those famed desert sunsets/sunrises. Happy.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

golden rolling hills of California

I love how this iPh5 image turned out. Thinking I may have a canvas made of it. We've been doing a lot of yard stuff. Some kind of fun (making a pot with flowering spring plants) and others not as fun (raking up all the pine straw -- a never-ending chore). Still ambivalent about this period of transition...can I really leave this place?

Sunday, March 16, 2014

no comment

What signals spring better than pink tulips?
Attempting to get my blogging mojo back and one frustrating thing I've encountered is the inability to leave comments at other blogs. I can't do it signed into blogger/google or as name/url for those who make this option available.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

back in time

Here are some images from a camping trip to Fallen Leaf Lake this summer:

I like the contrast between the tiny trailer and the tall trees.

Inside the wee trailer.

My guy.

 We had planned to take Cassie to a new to us campground in Yosemite, but the terrible Rim Fire closed the road to get to it as well as the campground itself. So we found rare summertime openings at Fallen Leaf campground. Off we went never thinking the smoke from Yosemite would drift north to the Tahoe basin. It wasn't ideal air quality wise but we had a good time anyway. Lots of bike riding and exploring new parts of both Fallen Leaf Lake and Lake Tahoe.

Monday, March 10, 2014

cupcakes and the meaning of life

Made red velvet cupcakes for John's birthday yesterday. First time using a pastry bag for the icing - can you tell?

Well, by the looks of this sadly neglected blog, we either joined a secretive egg trailer cult or vanished over the side of a mountain road. Instead, just a bout of adult onset attention deficit disorder. We're in a transitional period as John approaches his retirement. Lots of stuff to sort out.

One thing we're actively considering is moving to live closer to our daughter. We've been in our current home for almost 11 years. Moving would mean selling our house. Selling our house means getting it ready to sell. I've been assessing things around here. Eleven years is enough time to need to do some updating. We've been by room. Something weird is happening though, the more we ready our home to possibly leave it, the more I appreciate it. Am I ready for this change?

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

On the eve of another eggventure

Sadly, there is a terrible wildfire not too far from our house. It has added color to the sunsets however.
After having what seems to be a very long time off from adventuring with Dora, our new 16 ft Casita, we're heading out tomorrow. Originally, we had finally decided to go to Yosemite's White Wolf campground. But, a big forest fire has broken out closing the road we'd use to get there. Change of plans! Now we're going back to Lassen National Park and trying something different. This time John is going to leave me there for a night while he returns home to work two shifts. I'll only be on my own for one night but I'm a little apprehensive. We're doing this because I wanted more time just to hang out and check out photography locations. He gets a little tired of this while I'm always wishing I had one more sunrise or sunset to shoot. It's a compromise of sorts -- we'll see how it goes.

BTW - if you're on Facebook, my photography page is Wild Mountain Photography.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Sugar Pine Point

Our third camping adventure went very well. Sugar Pine Point at Lake Tahoe is a popular campground and we can see why. It's beautiful with nice access to the lake. It's clean. It's quiet. In order to have two nights, we had to stay in one site the first night and the move to another site for the second night. The first site was not very good but the second was terrific. We will be back.

We did a little hiking and spent yesterday afternoon kayaking & swimming. There is just something special about kayaking on Tahoe. And the way you feel after swimming in the lake is wonderful.

Here are the Casita findings from this trip:

* The mattress topper made the wee bed so comfy. We slept well both nights.

* We want another cover for the spare tire. The current cover (the one that comes with a new Casita) would be fine if it didn't have the 1-800 number on it. That makes it look as if Dora was a rental. That will just not do.

* Organization within Dora is improving with each outing. There really does seem to be ample storage at least for the length of trips we're currently taking.

Photography was sorta pitiful during this visit to the lake. Bald skies. Here's my best shot:

So, while not exciting for photography, we made a discovery regarding campsite food: Amy's Black Bean burger patties. Served on Orowheat whole wheat thins and with heirloom tomato slices & avocado - YUM.

We don't have another camping trip planned until early September. I hope we can get another two nighter in around mid-August. Should we head for the coast or Yosemite's high country? Hmmm.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Lassen Eggventure

Taking a break during sunset on our way home along I-5.

Dora's second outing to Lassen National Park was terrific! We are thinking ahead to when we can return and spend more time. The campground was quiet and managed very well. We kayaked, hiked and took some photos. We also met some fellow travellers who were camping with a fiberglass trailer (not a Casita though).

Here's what we learned from this go round:
  • really must get a squishy mattress topper for the wee bed
  • also need something for the floor of the bathroom
  • must have a plan in advance for John's dirty clothes otherwise he will stuff them randomly throughout our tiny home on wheels
  • make sure the the shower drain valve is set to "closed" before travelling
The more time we spend with Dora, the more smitten we become. Next egg-venture is back to Lake Tahoe in just a couple days. Can't wait!