Wednesday, August 21, 2013

On the eve of another eggventure

Sadly, there is a terrible wildfire not too far from our house. It has added color to the sunsets however.
After having what seems to be a very long time off from adventuring with Dora, our new 16 ft Casita, we're heading out tomorrow. Originally, we had finally decided to go to Yosemite's White Wolf campground. But, a big forest fire has broken out closing the road we'd use to get there. Change of plans! Now we're going back to Lassen National Park and trying something different. This time John is going to leave me there for a night while he returns home to work two shifts. I'll only be on my own for one night but I'm a little apprehensive. We're doing this because I wanted more time just to hang out and check out photography locations. He gets a little tired of this while I'm always wishing I had one more sunrise or sunset to shoot. It's a compromise of sorts -- we'll see how it goes.

BTW - if you're on Facebook, my photography page is Wild Mountain Photography.