Saturday, July 20, 2013

Sugar Pine Point

Our third camping adventure went very well. Sugar Pine Point at Lake Tahoe is a popular campground and we can see why. It's beautiful with nice access to the lake. It's clean. It's quiet. In order to have two nights, we had to stay in one site the first night and the move to another site for the second night. The first site was not very good but the second was terrific. We will be back.

We did a little hiking and spent yesterday afternoon kayaking & swimming. There is just something special about kayaking on Tahoe. And the way you feel after swimming in the lake is wonderful.

Here are the Casita findings from this trip:

* The mattress topper made the wee bed so comfy. We slept well both nights.

* We want another cover for the spare tire. The current cover (the one that comes with a new Casita) would be fine if it didn't have the 1-800 number on it. That makes it look as if Dora was a rental. That will just not do.

* Organization within Dora is improving with each outing. There really does seem to be ample storage at least for the length of trips we're currently taking.

Photography was sorta pitiful during this visit to the lake. Bald skies. Here's my best shot:

So, while not exciting for photography, we made a discovery regarding campsite food: Amy's Black Bean burger patties. Served on Orowheat whole wheat thins and with heirloom tomato slices & avocado - YUM.

We don't have another camping trip planned until early September. I hope we can get another two nighter in around mid-August. Should we head for the coast or Yosemite's high country? Hmmm.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Lassen Eggventure

Taking a break during sunset on our way home along I-5.

Dora's second outing to Lassen National Park was terrific! We are thinking ahead to when we can return and spend more time. The campground was quiet and managed very well. We kayaked, hiked and took some photos. We also met some fellow travellers who were camping with a fiberglass trailer (not a Casita though).

Here's what we learned from this go round:
  • really must get a squishy mattress topper for the wee bed
  • also need something for the floor of the bathroom
  • must have a plan in advance for John's dirty clothes otherwise he will stuff them randomly throughout our tiny home on wheels
  • make sure the the shower drain valve is set to "closed" before travelling
The more time we spend with Dora, the more smitten we become. Next egg-venture is back to Lake Tahoe in just a couple days. Can't wait!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

learning curve

I took a class last evening on Lightroom. My mind is still in a fog of information overload. It's unrealistic, I know, but I'm always hopeful if I get the right editing program my images will just pop. But it still comes down to taking the right photo with the right light & perfect focus. There's a lot you can do to improve an image but you need to start with something pretty spectacular to get those "oh, wow!" results.

Here's my first post-class edit of an image from our brief visit to Capitol Reef National Park.

I don't like it.

While I think the instructor was pretty good, I was disappointed that his focus was on using Lightroom to edit portraits. I don't shoot posed photos. I rarely shoot photos of people let alone portraits. Guess I still face a very steep learning curve.

In other non-photography news, we're packing up Dora in preparation for our Lassen National Park adventure. I'm hopeful that'll we'll leave early tomorrow and that John's modification to Dora will really make the bed feel a bit larger.

Friday, July 5, 2013

little mama

We went for a hike yesterday on a trail to a lake that's known for its wildflower displays. It was such a relief to get up in the high Sierra out of the heat & smog of the foothills. The wildflowers were indeed plentiful and beautiful but it's this cutie pie that really made my day. She was perched atop a boulder in the sun. The way she was clasping her little hands together and resting them on her pregnant belly was just so precious. Wish I would have had my telephoto lens with me but this will do. Thanks for letting me snap your photo little mama.

Hope you had a great 4th of July.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Dark Lake Desolation Wilderness Sierra Nevada

Our next adventure with Dora the Eggsplorer is a week away. We're heading to Lassen National Park. I'm really excited about this as we had planned to take Rocky there last summer and had to cancel those plans. We've only done day trips previously to Lassen and being able to spend two nights there will just add a whole other dimension to exploring this wonderland. Can't wait!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

a-camping we will go

We packed up Dora the Eggsplorer and headed to a nearby campground near Lake Tahoe. It was a quick overnighter to check things out. Here's what we found:

- The small bed is going to take some getting used to. Turns out my hubster is an aggressive pillow flipper. It was like being in a one-sided pillow fight all night long. No bueno. New, smaller pillows are on order.

- It was nice to be able to keep food in Dora instead of using the bear box outside.

- This was a fantastic campground. That's why I'm not naming it. It's pretty popular already but for now it will remain unnamed here.

We rose at the crack of dawn so we could try taking some sunrise photos at Emerald Bay. As we exited Dora with coffee in hand, we watched as a large black bear ambled peacefully across our campsite. Bear country indeed.

Here's the reward (in addition to seeing the handsome bear) for being early risers: