Saturday, November 6, 2010

a birthday surprise

My husband surprised me with a kindle for my birthday.
I tried it on a flight to Austin but on the flight back home to NorCal, I read an actual book I had picked up in Texas. Even though this latest version of kindle has a lot of great features, it's going to take a while until I get used to reading this way.


yogurt said...

Oh no, I missed your visit. Dang! One of the things I thought I'd like about the Kindle was reading in bed at night, but, my friend told me there's no back light. So now I really can't think of why I'd want one.

lee said...

The kindle cover has a built in little reading light. It's pretty cool.

If you travel, the kindle seems well suited because it can hold a lot of books and other reading material while being small & light enough to fit in a handbag.

Seems I may be crossing over to the "other side" after all. :)

Jenners said...

What a great gift!! You'll end up loving it. It took me just a few hours to get used to reading on it. You'll love it when you have to read a chunkster.

Happy (Belated) Birthday.

Kathleen said...

Happy Belated Birthday. I think you will enjoy your Kindle once you get used to it. I love using mine when I travel but still prefer a printed book when I am at home!

lee said...

Thanks, for the Bday wishes, Jenners & Kathleen. The wi fi kindle was a thoughtful gift from the hubs. I'm coming around.

Yogi - Austin visit flew by but I hope to be back soon. Hope we can meet then.