Monday, December 27, 2010

Humanitarian - Dr. Karen Woo

Dr. Karen Woo
Watched Restrepo last night. It's a documentary about U.S.soldiers fighting in one of the most remote and dangerous places in Afghanistan. Good film. Today, I read about a young woman who lost her life (she was killed) while providing humanitarian services to Afghan citizens.

Here are two links to a couple well written items telling her story. I look forward to viewing her film someday.

The Telegraph - Afghanistan: murdered doctor Karen Woo about to marry
New York Times - Renaissance Woman

I wish I felt that peace in Afghanistan was at the top of the list for our government. It could be if we demanded it. It will be beyond tragic if Dr. Woo's sacrifice and the daily sacrifices of the men and women serving and who have served in Afghanistan and their families were for nothing.

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Kathleen said...

Thank you for calling my attention to this story. I do recall reading something about this in the NY Times. I would enjoy the documentary too. I tend to watch a lot of them.