Monday, March 28, 2011

Quotable - what books reveal

"Lists of books we reread and books we can't finish tell more about us than about the relative worth of the books themselves."

~ Russell Banks, celebrating a birthday today.


Jenners said...

Oh I like this quote! And I know I often judge people (whether rightly or wrongly) by the books they loved or hated.

And I see you are reading Visit from the Goon Squad. I have that ready to go...I just have to finish my "obligation" books first.

Saimi said...

My deal with books are, if they grab me in the first couple of chapters I'll read it like a mad woman til it's finished..If the book doesn't grab's a no go and I'll leave it never to be opened again!

So If I know the book is going to be a good one, I better make sure I'm ready to sit and read because nothing else gets done until it is.

Happy reading!!

Nicole said...

What a good quote. I try not to judge people by the books that they've read, enjoyed or disliked, unless they have other characteristics that concern me. Other than that, books are just pieces of information that are always open to interpretation because it's not always easy to tell hoe accurate they are....even the non-fiction ones.

That is what makes reading so exciting.

I've finished about maybe 90% of the books that I started reading, even those from college.

If the book becomes annoying, then I figure that there is no reason to waste another minute of my life forcing myself to finish something that is like a job to read, lol.

Just because I may

Kathleen said...

I love this quote. It is so true!

Anonymous said...

Love it! And it's so true. I need to write that down somewhere...