Thursday, March 24, 2011

See this film - Séraphine

There was a night about a week or so ago, where I went on a movie watching binge. I watched three films back to back. I started with Judy Berlin, a film I'd already seen (unusual in itself as I rarely rewatch films), followed by a really good documentary Which Way Home. I wrapped up the impromptu film fest with Séraphine. What a beautiful film. After watching the film, I turned to the internet to learn more about Séraphine's art. In addition to discovering more images of her incredible paintings, I found a drawing in tribute to the artist.

[click on image to enlarge]

I recommend all these films but of the three, I hope you will check out Séraphine as well as the blogger/artist who created the image above. Her blog is here: Always Capra.


yogurt said...

I'm thrilled to read this recommendation of Seraphine. It's in my queue and I wasn't sure how good it would be.

Lee said...

I think Seraphine had been in my netflix streaming queue for quite a while too. Such an indulgent and satisfying night of watching movies. :)

Look forward to reading what you think of it.