Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sunday Secret

This postcard really spoke to me. My mother-in-law passed on January 26 and during her funeral and at gatherings after the funeral, I was struck by how deeply her death affected our daughter and other grandchildren. I also remember the unique loss I felt when my grandmothers passed away. I still try to plant fall bulbs on my grandma's birthday each October. The relationship between grandmothers and grandchildren is a special one.

Source: Post Secret.


Melynda said...

My own grandmother was so inspiring and in ways I did not realize until I became the adult. I try each day I am with my own granddaughter to be just like her.

Pam said...

How moving.

yogurt said...

I still cry like a baby when I think about what one of my grandmother's meant to me. Her funeral was a tough one.