Wednesday, April 27, 2011

things are getting kinda weird

[Photo: Marcus Brandt/AFP/Getty Images]
In addition to tea bags, there are life-sized cardboard standups of Wills and Kate popping up all over - one was even targeted by thieves. I can understand the interest, but things are going well beyond interest and attention. Things are getting kinda weird.

What's your take on the up-coming wedding?
Off to make a cuppa.


Janell said...

There's tons of hype!

I heard some radio guys talking about how you can really get sucked into the wedding if you start watching TV shows like EXTRA. They'll say "next, see what the (wedding) chef says about the ham!" And you wait for the chef to talk about the ham. Post commercial, the chef comes on the screen and says "the ham is salty." And a half hour of your life has been wasted waiting to hear about wedding ham.

Don't get sucked in!

beth said...

it's gotten to be a bit much.....i think i'll watch one of the 5 thousand replays of it later that day :)

Lee said...

Salty ham?! That is a slap in Princess Diana's face!

Another sign of things reaching the weirdness stage is when media coverage shifts to stories about the media's coverage.

I think this is probably what has contributed Mitt Romney thinking we're living in peacetime and forgetting about the sacrifices of our troops in Iraq, Afghanistan & Libya. Mitt got sucked in.

Trish said...

I'm not much interested in the royals but the hype and media coverage is kinda funny to see. I'll probably take a look at the reruns for a few minutes later in the day. Those tea bags are very cute lol.

karen-holmes said...

i love tea in the afternoon - leftover from my canadian father's influence... so this photo made me laugh out loud! love it! thanks for a fun start to the day! -k.