Friday, May 6, 2011

Five for Friday

That's my mom & I at Zuma Beach sometime in 1960.

Five thoughts of gratitude from this week:
  • I'm appreciating that there is still time to show my mom that I care about her. Put more thought into selecting little gifts that she'd enjoy for Mother's Day.
  • Frankenmouth is healing. Still don't have the all clear to resume my typical bike riding and walking/hiking but I'm getting better each day.
  • Believe it or not, I'm happy to be a weed pulling machine. I'm outside, the birds are singing and it's one of those activities that after you've put some time in, you can stand back and see some results.
  • I'm so happy for my niece who is unexpectedly expecting a new addition to her family.
  • Don't know why, but there has been an amped up kind of energy this past week with regard to "meeting" new people via blogging. It feels great to meet these incredible women and share a piece of what's happening our lives. To the new followers of my blog...thanks!


karen-holmes said...

your photo and words are inspirational,lee...i am grateful to be a new follower of yours...and that you have become one of mine...blessings to you this weekend.

Janell said...

That's a great photo. I love those oldies. I don't see Rogue in there though.

Lee said...

I can sense Rogue was there in spirit.

Lee said...

Thanks, Karen. Back at you. :)

Jenners said...

Love that shot of you and your mom!!!