Monday, June 6, 2011

On movies - the art of giving

Annie Hall -- How I lurve this film!
Scene - Annie and Alvy sit on the sofa. Annie's unwrapping a gift while Alvy watches.

(Making sounds)
This is-
(Making sounds)

She pulls out flimsy black lingerie from the box.

Happy birthday.

What is this? Is this a...Present?
Are you kidding?

Yeah, hey, why don't yuh try it on?

Uh, yeah, uh ... t-t-this is more like
a present for you, yeah, but it's-

Try it ... it'll add years to our
sex life.

(Looking up at Alvy and laughing)
Uh huh. Yeah. Forget it.

Alvy leans over and hands her another box as she puts down the lingerie.

Here's a real present.

(Opening the gift)
What... huh?

Check it out.

Oh, yeah? What is this, anyway?
Let me see. Okay, let's... oooh, God!
(She takes out a watch from the box)
Oh, you knew I wanted this ...
God, it's terrific, God!

(Making sounds)
Yeah, I know. Just-just put on the
watch, and-and ... that thing, and
we'll just ...

Oh! My God!
(Making sounds)

Alvy kisses Annie.

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hmsgofita said...

Haven't seen this one. Will need to!

Trish said...

Ahaha this is such a classic Woody Allen scene! Love it :)

sdk_2010 said...

I was never a Woody Allen fan to be honest, but I like your style of blog here. Heres my choices -

Kwizgiver said...

Great scene! I haven't seen this movie in forever, I should watch it again.

The Bumbles said...

I need to watch this again too - has been forever and what I remember most is how much Diane Keaton rocked!

Nicole said...

Nice choice, based on the action and dialogue. The scene plays just like it would in real life...never watched this movie though.

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kaye said...

I like how you included the dialouge--how sweet.

stacybuckeye said...

Haven't seen this one in forever. I don't even remember this scene it's been so long!