Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sunday Secret - get real

Perhaps this secret stood out for me this week because I just read Lynda Barry's My Perfect Life yesterday. I was transported to another time...a time I remember well since I grappled with being a teenager during the 70s. I loved the parts of the comic/graphic novel when Maybonne made reference to giving someone "some reality"-- in other words, laying some truth on them. This secret seems to exemplify a difference between then and now.

What's gained from a deception like this? What's lost? Does anyone even say "get real" anymore?

{Graphic from this week's Post Secret}

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Lee said...

Just because this secret is on a pretty postcard doesn't mean I don't want to say this to the sender: Be who you are & it wouldn't hurt to stop watching that crap on the idiot box while you're at it.