Sunday, January 8, 2012

Martha, I am not

Fireplace mantle for January
If I was to select a word for my intention for 2012, it would be potential. I'm going to focus on creativity this year in all aspects of my life. I believe I have the potential to be a much more creative person.

This brings me to this photo I just took of my fireplace mantle. Usually, after taking down Christmas decor, I feel a little bleh. So, I thought the other day, why not decorate for winter? -- (although winter has not yet arrived here in northern California). I came up with this idea using things we already have.

Do you decorate your house for January/winter? How important is creativity in your life?


Pam said...

Looks nice. I bought some seasonal tablecloths and placemats, that's about as far as my seasonal decorating goes.

Lee said...

Thanks, Pam. Have you taken any photos of your new tablecloths etc.? I'd like to see them.