Monday, September 24, 2012

almost but not quite

Sunset at Folsom Bridge on the American River.
That's how it goes with learning to be a better photographer. Sometimes you just don't get the shot you're hoping to get. The plus side is this though: it was very pleasant down there on the still sun-warmed granite slab on the banks of the river. Better than being at home in front of the TV!

I have so much to learn about using my new camera. Because of this, I've started a new 365 photoblog. A 365 blog is one in which you post a photo a day. I did this a couple years ago with my husband. When I look back on it, I can see how the quality of our photos improved over time. I hope this new blog will be a tool in becoming a better nature/landscape photographer. Usually, these blogs seem to start on January 1st but beginning this one on the first day of Autumn works for me.

We were planning to leave early this morning to camp for two days at Lassen National Park. Instead, we really need to catch up on some things here at home. Most importantly, we need to address our elderly cat's declining health and quality of life.  

Here's a link to Wild Mountain 365.                

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