Tuesday, July 2, 2013

a-camping we will go

We packed up Dora the Eggsplorer and headed to a nearby campground near Lake Tahoe. It was a quick overnighter to check things out. Here's what we found:

- The small bed is going to take some getting used to. Turns out my hubster is an aggressive pillow flipper. It was like being in a one-sided pillow fight all night long. No bueno. New, smaller pillows are on order.

- It was nice to be able to keep food in Dora instead of using the bear box outside.

- This was a fantastic campground. That's why I'm not naming it. It's pretty popular already but for now it will remain unnamed here.

We rose at the crack of dawn so we could try taking some sunrise photos at Emerald Bay. As we exited Dora with coffee in hand, we watched as a large black bear ambled peacefully across our campsite. Bear country indeed.

Here's the reward (in addition to seeing the handsome bear) for being early risers:


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Just beautiful........

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