Monday, March 10, 2014

cupcakes and the meaning of life

Made red velvet cupcakes for John's birthday yesterday. First time using a pastry bag for the icing - can you tell?

Well, by the looks of this sadly neglected blog, we either joined a secretive egg trailer cult or vanished over the side of a mountain road. Instead, just a bout of adult onset attention deficit disorder. We're in a transitional period as John approaches his retirement. Lots of stuff to sort out.

One thing we're actively considering is moving to live closer to our daughter. We've been in our current home for almost 11 years. Moving would mean selling our house. Selling our house means getting it ready to sell. I've been assessing things around here. Eleven years is enough time to need to do some updating. We've been by room. Something weird is happening though, the more we ready our home to possibly leave it, the more I appreciate it. Am I ready for this change?


Janell said...

Scary larry.
Why do we improve to move?

Sherry said...

Yeah, I don't know. I've always given my parents a hard time for doing that. In the housing bubble bust, we were hit hard. I guess I think the competition will be challenging and we really need to get what we can for our house. Other places we're looking at moving to haven't lost ground in real estate values. I'm just floundering thinking and feeling it's time to move and then also feeling terrified of making a mistake. :|

JoAnn said...

Good to see you again, and glad you haven't disappeared with an egg trailer cult! Change, or even the thought of it, is stressful...good luck with your decisions and transitions. We're edging in that direction, too.

Lee said...

Thanks, JoAnn. I guess one thing that would help manage the stress of this transitional period is to really focus on the present. And getting more exercise couldn't hurt.