Sunday, March 30, 2014

happy trails

The week had us spiffing up the laundry room. Whew, excitement! Mainly some cleaning, cabinet clearing out and organizing, and painting the walls. I want to take out the existing counter tile and John seems to be warming up to the idea. Once we do that, we can check this sucker off the list.

John's last day at work is tomorrow. I'm very proud of him...not that many people stick with a career they are good at and like and can retire from with a pension these days. We're fortunate to be "young" retirees. Although, it must be said, I'm still having some adjustment anxieties. Mostly feel pretty dang excited at the possibilities we're exploring for the future.

This is an image I made recently that I feel good about. I don't think anyone else would have captured it this way. It represents my (ever evolving) artistic vision. We're going to embark on a road trip to Arizona in a few days. Got a circular polarizer filter for my great landscape lens & wondering if I'll be lucky in terms of witnessing some of those famed desert sunsets/sunrises. Happy.

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Anonymous said...

How great that you are going to have your husband sround more! Love the photo - as always :) You should sell them.