Tuesday, September 13, 2011

adios Borders

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So, I joined the bone-pickers today. I went to Borders for the last time -- mostly out of curiosity to see what their inventory had dwindled down to now that it was in the last day or two of the sell down. Didn't expect to find anything I'd want to buy even at 90% off but I ended up with a bag full of an eclectic mix. The receipt said I saved $99.

I'm so glad to have been spared the ordeal of going through a sell down of my bookstore. I can understand why the remaining employees resorted to communicating with customers via notes posted behind the registers. It is very sad this bookstore is closing. I hope everyone will find new jobs soon.

Also learned today that an acquaintance is closing her beautiful clothing store on Main Street after 18 years.

Recovery, my ass.


yogurt said...

My BIG ass.

Kathleen said...

I definitely don't see many signs of recovery where I live...

stacybuckeye said...

I went to Border's with Gage every few days and picked up a few books each time. Imagine my surprise when I actually put them altogether I realized that I need a new bookshelf! Yikes!