Monday, September 19, 2011

ol' dusty boots

"It's not Texas hot, but it's still pretty f*^@ing hot."
We had a great weekend full of live music. First, our neighbors hosted a house party that featured very talented singer-songwriters. They have a fantastic spot for this type of thing and we hope they continue to host these musical events. Yesterday, we headed over to the American River Music Festival.  It was a warm, sunny day down by the river. If we go again, I'm taking a dip in the river and then throwing a sun dress over my swimsuit. That is the way to do this thing -- jeans and a black top (at least it was light weight and sleeveless) was a mistake.

I took this pic of James McMurtry right up at the stage. I liked his dusty boots and the crumpled bill near his foot. Later, seeing him interact with fans after the show, I was reminded of the film "Crazy Heart." McMurtry seemed pretty drunk and more than a little burned out with whole doing shows every night and dealing with fans bit. So, drunk & grumpy like your friend's bad luck first husband. But still, he put on a good show even if he screwed up the verses in Choctaw Bingo.


Kathleen said...

Sounds like all in all it was a good show!

karen - Simply Inspired said...

mmm...dusty boots, and a bit of a dusty soul still longing to make music...

btw, i would have worn jeans, too.


Jenners said...

How neat that your neighbors have musical guests at their parties! And I don't know how music artists deal with performing all the time. I guess they do the drunk and grouchy thing!