Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Lassen Eggventure

Taking a break during sunset on our way home along I-5.

Dora's second outing to Lassen National Park was terrific! We are thinking ahead to when we can return and spend more time. The campground was quiet and managed very well. We kayaked, hiked and took some photos. We also met some fellow travellers who were camping with a fiberglass trailer (not a Casita though).

Here's what we learned from this go round:
  • really must get a squishy mattress topper for the wee bed
  • also need something for the floor of the bathroom
  • must have a plan in advance for John's dirty clothes otherwise he will stuff them randomly throughout our tiny home on wheels
  • make sure the the shower drain valve is set to "closed" before travelling
The more time we spend with Dora, the more smitten we become. Next egg-venture is back to Lake Tahoe in just a couple days. Can't wait!


Cj Cozygirl said...

Oh dear...I can relate. Just cleaned house today for walkthru and just want to be campsite learning the groove. And I have a big huge list coming next post when I get the energy :) 90s, gnats, and no storage...finding a dump ground soon LOL...

Anonymous said...

We went with the Southern Mattress for our Casita and absolutely no regrets. We sleep so well on it. Also, we put down some DriDek on the shower floor and then over that I cut to fit a remnant of carpet. When we shower I place the carpet outside the bathroom door for something to step onto after showering.

Lee said...

Marsha - Those are great ideas -- thanks for sharing them.

Carla - "learning the groove" love it!