Saturday, July 20, 2013

Sugar Pine Point

Our third camping adventure went very well. Sugar Pine Point at Lake Tahoe is a popular campground and we can see why. It's beautiful with nice access to the lake. It's clean. It's quiet. In order to have two nights, we had to stay in one site the first night and the move to another site for the second night. The first site was not very good but the second was terrific. We will be back.

We did a little hiking and spent yesterday afternoon kayaking & swimming. There is just something special about kayaking on Tahoe. And the way you feel after swimming in the lake is wonderful.

Here are the Casita findings from this trip:

* The mattress topper made the wee bed so comfy. We slept well both nights.

* We want another cover for the spare tire. The current cover (the one that comes with a new Casita) would be fine if it didn't have the 1-800 number on it. That makes it look as if Dora was a rental. That will just not do.

* Organization within Dora is improving with each outing. There really does seem to be ample storage at least for the length of trips we're currently taking.

Photography was sorta pitiful during this visit to the lake. Bald skies. Here's my best shot:

So, while not exciting for photography, we made a discovery regarding campsite food: Amy's Black Bean burger patties. Served on Orowheat whole wheat thins and with heirloom tomato slices & avocado - YUM.

We don't have another camping trip planned until early September. I hope we can get another two nighter in around mid-August. Should we head for the coast or Yosemite's high country? Hmmm.

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Pam said...

I think the photo is fab! And I am a firm believer in mattress toppers!